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Client Testimonials

Professional, knowledgeable, and experienced, Genna has treated me both for my migraine headaches as well as for all-around wellness and relaxation issues. She’s an excellent listener, but beyond that, she has an amazing sense of intuition—she listens to your body too!

Elle, New York City

Thanks to the amazing deep tissue/trigger point massage from Genna, I am feeling a thousand times better! Between the stress of a busy work week and a painful root canal, I needed the help of an expert to bring my body back into balance!

Julianna, Amsterdam

Genna is so very well trained... but always a great student and ready to learn more...

Verna, Amsterdam

Genna may just be the most professional, experienced, intuitive and warm massage therapist that I know. Love going to her for total wellness experience!


                                                                      Satu, Amsterdam

                                                                      March 12, 2015

I have seen Genna for the past 4 months, and she's amazing! I had to see her for muscles and nerves issues, and now i'm completely satisfied with the results with only 4 sessions. 

                                                  Talal, Amsterdam

                                                 December 22, 2016

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