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Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue massage is designed to address the connective tissue (deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments) below the superficial fascia to release chronic pain and/or tension. Using slower, stronger pressure, a deep tissue massage usually focuses on part of the body rather than the whole, in order to address the client’s chief complaints. Pressure is applied using the hands, fingers, elbows, and forearms using a small amount of oil. Trigger Point Therapy is often employed, meaning that very specific point pressure is used on certain areas of the muscle which are highly contracted and causing pain for the client. Trigger points often refer pain from one muscle to another, making the client think the source of their pain is one place, when it really is in another.


Deep tissue massage is used by athletes or individuals whose job require them to do a lot of physical activity or repetitive motions. It can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic for past injuries and as a preventative measure to keep the muscles healthy. After a deep tissue massage it is not uncommon for a client to feel some soreness or even have bruises that may last a couple of days, but after that one should be feeling much more relaxed and better than prior to the treatment. 


45 minutes: 90 euros

60 minutes: 110 euros

75 minutes: 125 euros

90 minutes: 140 euros

120 minutes*: 170 euros


    *120 minute massage: This ultra-therapeutic, 2-hour Deep Tissue Massage allows time to really sink through the tissue and treat those areas of chronic tension with as much detail and specificity as they need in order to release their tension and for you to start feeling better. You can choose a full-body Deep Tissue Massage, or you can choose to be zone specific and focus on the areas of greatest need (for instance, you can do 90 minutes on the back and 30 minutes on the legs, or vice versa!).


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