Prenatal (pregnancy) Massage


Pregnancy holds many changes for the expecting mother—physical, physiological and emotional. Posural changes, hormonal imbalances, extra weight gain and emotional stress can lead to back, neck and hip pain, as well as general exhaustion and fatigue.  Prenatal massage has been proven beneficial for not only the mommy, but also for baby--so start taking care of that wee one now with a relaxing massage!


What are the benefits of a prenatal massage? Prenatal massage can help relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and myofascial pain. The increase of blood and lymph circulation can reduce swelling and edema (present in over 75% of all pregnant women), and can reduce stress on weight-bearing joints. The massage can induce relaxation and reduce stress of the mother-to-be, which can help improve the outcome of labor and delivery and provides the new mother with physical and emotional reprieve from the stress of mothering. Massage can also do wonders for the child within the mother. Research performed by the Touch Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine has shown that women who receive massage therapy during their pregnancy had fewer complications during labor and their infants had fewer postnatal complications (please click here for the research article).


Here at Watergraafsmeer Wellness, you can choose whether to lay face down or in the side-lying postion, whatever feels most comfortable and safe for the expecting mother.  Our prenatal massage table has a hole and support system for the belly, enabling the woman to lay face down.  We also have an extensive cushioning system for comfortable side-lying massage. In the case of carrying twins, side-lying is the indicated positioning for massage (as in the case of a larger belly, as the hole in the prenatal table may not be large enough as well as the extra weight may strain the ligaments of the pelvis and may cause more lower back if in the prone postion). All massages are adapted for each individual client and when there are extra medical cautions for the mother, extra precautions are taken during the massage. For example, in the case of a mother with a history of cardiac problems we would limit the amount of time she would lay on her right side (if performing the massage side-lying). Left sidelying allows maximum maternal cardiac functioning and fetal oxygenation. Certain acupressure and reflex points around the feet, hands, on top of the shoulder and on top of the sacrum are taken into consideration (in Traditional Chinese Medecine they are thought to have a stimulating quality of moving blood and energy, and therefore possibly setting off labor). These points are extremely precise and are most often accessed with pin-point precision, such as in acupuncture. It is very unlikely that grazing over any of these points with light and even deep pressure will initiate any ill-effects, but I take all of your concerns into practice, nonetheless, should you wish to completely avoid these points. Precautions are also taken when massaging the legs, specifically the inner side where veins returning blood to the heart are running and have a higher potential for blood clotting.

When booking a prenatal massage, please make note if you'd prefer to lay face down, using our table with the hole and hammock system, or if you'd prefer a side-lying treatment.

45 minutes: 60 euros

60 minutes: 75 euros

75 minutes: 85 euros

90 minutes: 100 euros



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