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Massage Etiquette

How to plan accordingly for your massage in order to facilitate an effective treatment

*Please arrive on time, or even better, a few minutes before the treatment time so that there's ample time before the massage to discuss any current conditions, pain complaints or areas of concern.  This will allow us to start the actual massage at the booked hour and finish it on time as well. It is important that we respect appointment times since there may be a client booked after your appiontment and not all of us can be flexible. If there are no appointments booked after, and you arrive late, weI will try our best to still give and fulfill the total booked appointment time.


*Please remove all jewelry (especially necklaces, watches and rings), as they can interfere with the massage


*Please turn off cell phones, or put them on silent


*If you have any special condition that has changed from the original intake (seasonal allergies, present skin disease, illness, recent surgeries) it is importnat that you alert your therapist of these changes


*We like to be able to offer our clients the earliest available appointment, therefore please let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to attend your appointment, or we may be obliged to charge you the full treatment cost. Cancellations made well in advance enable us to help other clients sooner.

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