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Lower Back Pain


Are you experiencing pain in your lower back?

Do you sometimes feel the pain extending into your buttocks and hips?

Do you find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position?

Has the pain ever been so severe that you are forced to move on your hands and knees?

Does the pain feel like it's in the spine itself?

Do you feel stiffness?

Has the pain ever gotten “psychologically paralyzing” that you feel you can't even move?

Do you feel a general aching and burning in the buttocks as well?

Do you have to shift positions while sitting a lot to avoid the pain?

Do you have difficulty bending over and touching your toes?

Do you experience any spasms in the lower back?


Pain in the lower back can often be mistaken as: Compressed disk of the lumbar spine, bursitis of the hip, arthritis of the spine, sciatica, Sacro-Iliac joint dysfunction, inguinal hernias or visceral disease.


Possible causes for muscular pain of the lower back: Pregnancy, bearing weight on one side of the body (like when you hold a baby on your hip), taking injections of medicine in the hip, sudden overload (picking up something too heavy), maintaining unbalanced positions (especially twisting positions), poor posture, auto accidents, repetitive motion (continuous lifting or twisting), and some postural deformities like scoliosis.


Muscles that cause lower back pain can also have the following effects: Pain can extend to the abdomen, up to the lower shoulder blade, and down to the calf and back of the ankle. Gynecological symptoms may also be present (such as genital pain or spasms in the bladder).


What can you do to ease your pain?  Taking a paracetamol for muscular pain only temporarily and artificially resolves the problem. Once the medicine wears off, the pain returns—sometimes even worse. Massage will address the source of the pain to alleviate the stress to the particular muscles and soft tissues involved, as well as affect the nervous system to naturally produce hormones that make us feel better.


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