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Classic Massage



 Also known as Swedish massage, Classic Massage is the general term for bodywork that is performed on a massage table using oil to glide over the skin, with the client undressed or partially undressed. A towel always covers areas of the body that are not being worked on, so the client stays warm and relaxed. A classic massage helps increase circulation to target muscles and zones, using techniques to release the chronic tension and pain. Of the classic forms of massage that I perform, Relaxation and Deep Tissue are the most popular.


Why might you need a relaxation massage? Whether it’s a break from your kids or your job or any of the other stress factors in your life, sometimes you simply need some personal time to allow your body the necessary pause to take care and repair. Relaxation massage can be performed at all levels of pressure, ranging from light touch to firm, often implementing massage techniques that allow the nervous system to tune out and the rest of the body to follow suit and settle down. Research on the biological effects of lighter touch, relaxation massage shows that after one massage session alone there is a notable increase in the production of oxytocin, a hormone associated with happiness, and a significant decrease in the production of cortisol, known as our “stress hormone.” The typical relaxation massage is an hour long and works on the whole body (including head and face), however all massages can be tailored to focus more time on areas of greater need and to omit areas that are not priority.  The pressure of the treatment depends on the client and what may be necessary to treat the areas of concern. Sometimes one may feel some pain, but it should be nothing more than the pleasurable kind of pain, necessary for our brains to produce the endorphin dopamine, our “feelgood” hormone.


45 minutes: 90 euros

60 minutes: 110 euros

75 minutes: 125 euros

90 minutes: 140 euros

120 minutes*: 170 euros


       * 120 minute massage: Take your classic full-body relaxation massage and make it seem like it's lasting forever with this completely personalized 2-hour relaxation massage.  Just like with a regular classic massage, you can decide to skip an area in order to focus more time on another (for example, if you don't want your stomach, face, or head massaged, that leaves more time for the legs, arms, or back!). To add to this blissful treatment, I also employ the use of a water cushion once you turn over onto your back, so that you feel like you're drifting off on a warm cloud as the rest of your body is tenderly treated.


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